Our Firm

We have been located in the St. Croix Valley since 1989.  Since then, our firm has continued to expand and grow. Today, "Your Retirement Team" is comprised of a qualifed and trusted team of Financial Advisors with over 70 years of experience. 

In 2012, we changed our name to CPR Wealth Advisors, which highlights the thing we do best, Comprehensive Planning for Retirement. 

The focus of our practice encompasses the areas of retirement and estate planning, investment advice and tax reduction strategies.  We serve individuals, trusts, corporations and non-profit institutions throughout the upper Mid-West.

No two clients are alike. That is why we take the time to talk with our clients and listen to their goals, whether they are for retirement, current income or future growth.

We pride ourselves in providing exemplary service to our clients and have established a skilled and thoughtful team of registered professionals to assist you with all of your investment needs.  We set ourselves apart from other brokers and financial planners with resources, experience, service, diversification, availability and our ongoing advice.

Meet our Financial Advisors